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The year is 2214, 50 years after the fourth world war, human population has dropped to 10 million. Now, human from over the world united and try to rebuild the cities that have been destroyed. When rebuilding cities there are things that threaten human lives.

Animals have mutated due to radiation of nuclear bomb that occurred during the world war. Animals began attacking the town inhabited by humans, then humans make team named defender to protect these towns. Defender in charge of guarding the gates of the city to create a tower that will attack animals approaching the gate.

Game Features
-Dynamic placement enemies
-Upgrade player's skill
-Player can shoot enemies
-Different type of bullet for player to shoot
-Low poly style 3D model
-Different types of tower
-Many types of enemy

For best experience use google cardboard headset, other VR headset also supported.
To click a button use Magnet or Gamepad

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